Global Leadership

California is the fifth largest economy in the world and has been at the forefront of clean energy and green technology for over 20 years. As residents of its capital, we understand we are in a unique position to mobilize for even more responsive climate action. Together, we believe our grassroots efforts as citizens and consumers can accelerate the pace toward a more equitable and sustainable political economy.

Current Actions

Who We Are

We are a grassroots alliance of Sacramento groups and individuals advancing the broader movement for civil rights, justice and our environment now and in these crucial years ahead. When the climate changes, everyone everywhere is affected‒ the disadvantaged and poor most of all.

Our coalition supports the rapid changes in our economy, power structure, and infrastructure necessary to stabilize greenhouse gases and forge healthy and vibrant communities.

In 2019-2020, we will continue to push forward sensible, local efforts that can reverse the effects of climate change:

  • Sustainable and urban agriculture initiatives
  • Accessible public transit and smart growth measures
  • Incentives for electric vehicles
  • Opposing hydraulic fracturing (fracking)
  • Opposing the transport of crude oil by rail to California refineries
  • Highlighting the oil industry's inordinate lobbying power
  • and so much more!

How We Formed

Building on the success in Benicia and San Luis Obispo to halt oil train permits, members of the Sacramento Stop Oil Coalition joined with Climate Mobilization last summer to begin planning a festive public event, which was to take place in October.

Uncooperative weather and a catalytic election later, ChangeFest and Women's March coordinated and rallied side by side at the state Capitol on Inauguration Day. An estimated 20,000 people attended.

Now we are pushing forward with that energy and inviting the community to join us.

Support Our Work

Donate to the Coalition here. Thank you in advance for your contribution!